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  1. 🔗Colorado Avalanches By The Numbers in R

    A look at avalanches in Colorado. Please not I'm not an avalanche expert, so please take these interpretations with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  2. 🔗Data Science Resources

    A collection of resources on data science and machine learning primarily in R.

  3. 🔗Classifying High Resolution Aerial Imagery - Part 1

    The following note documents a proof of concept for classifying vegetation with 4 band 0.1m aerial imagery. We used sagebrush, bare ground, grass, and PJ for classes. approximately 300 training polygons were used as a training data.

  4. 🔗Making a Chloropleth Map in R


    Load the libraries.

  5. 🔗D3:Basic Line Chart

    This is a basic line chart built with D3. I've written a few more tutorials on how to make charts starting out very basic and moving to a little more complex. I'm no expert, so these are how a beginner (at both javascript and D3) would explain everything. Some might find that methodology helpful. My previous tutorials: My first charts, SVG Plots, Scatterplot.

  6. 🔗D3.js: Basic ScatterPlot

    I've made a few bar charts up to this point. But really what I want to do is plot data over time. We need to figure out how to add x and y axis and work with x and y coordinates. The next logical step then, is to make a scatterplot.