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  1. 🔗Vue and Axios

    My notes on getting up and running with vue and axios. this is also the first step in turning my River Flow app which queries the USGS instantaneous flow data from a non server rendering non-route serving app to a Nuxt.js Universal Application (meaning it is rendered on the server before it is served).

  2. 🔗Notes on Nuxt

    My notes on Nuxt.js.

  3. 🔗Working with DIMA Tools and Making a Plant List from Species Richness Table

    This is a series of notes that works with the DIMA database. The DIMA was produced by the Jornada Research Center for the Assessment Inventory and Monitoring framework.

  4. 🔗A Method for counting in a sequence, reset by a binary event in R

    A method for creating a variable that sequential counts until an binary event occurs in another vairiable.

  5. 🔗How to download and work with LSAT data - a better approach

    My last post was about working with the r getlandsat package to work with landsat data from NASA and the USGS. This post will be a brief refinement on that process.

  6. 🔗Working With Landsat8 Data from the USGS

    We are trying to monitor drought in sage-grouse habitat. Because we don't have historic on the ground data collection, I thought that it would be good to try and do this with landsat data. Landsat data is collected by the USGS and NASA about once ever 16 days.