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  1. 🔗VS Code: Add a Rmarkdown Code Chunk Snippet Key Binding

    I recently started using VS code for R development. There is an awesome newish R extension for VS Code. It takes a little setup, it works best with the addition of radian, a python package, but otherwise it works really well. There are solid instructions on the extension page. I love Rstudio for the most part, but I got frusterated by the lack of editor customization (mostly line height). So here we are.

  2. 🔗#30daymapchallange Day Green

    For the seventh day of the #30daymapchallange, I made a map using Open Street Map Data to map my old neighborhood. I feel lucky to have grown up near mountains in a city.

  3. 🔗#30daymapchallange Day 1 Points


    I'm starting the #30daymapchallange Points prompt by continuing my obsession with the current fire season. Here are all the fires from 2020 mapped as points. What a year.

  4. 🔗Wildfires in the West


    The second largest fire in Colorado's History is currently burning. California is also having a historic fire season.

  5. 🔗First R Package

    I've been trying to participate in #tidytuesday. While making plots I found myself consistantly repeating the same theme() attributes for each plot. To solve this repetition, I decided to produce a package with my own theme.

  6. 🔗TidyTuesday: Energy Usage in Europe

    I haven't had a ton of time lately. On a recent road trip, I tried out a Tidy Tuesday submission on European evergy usage. Because I didn't have enough time, I wanted to make something simple and work on making it really easy to read. I think I did that. I would have liked to do a bit more with the theme. Maybe next time.