About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Schmidt. I'm a wildlife biologist for the Bureau of Land Management and a freelance web developer. I'm also a coach and board member for a pretty cool youth cycling program, High Desert Devo. I live in southwest Colorado.

What'll you find here?

On this blog you'll find my writing on coding. I'm primarily a Web and R developer. I use R at work to analyze and visualize data. I've also been making websites for people for close to 10 years. I no longer take on any clients, but I maintain a few websites for local folks.

I primarily use this blog to showcase what I've done, but I also put up sudo tutorials and random notes of things I want to remember. And to be honest, this blog is really about helping me remember. I'm hoping that what I write about here will stick in my brain a little better or at least be easier to look up. Things here are sometimes in rough shape too.


I don't edit my posts very much. Sorry. I don't have a ton of time, so when I get a post out it is usually really rushed. I'm trying to get better at that, but life is life.

What you might find here in the future.

I'm considering putting all the things I do here. I think social media brings a lot of benefits to the world. For the most part though, it isn't for me and I've been trying to avoid it. So instead of an instagram account sometime in the future you might find my photography here. Or random thoughts that aren't about coding. We'll see.