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  1. 🔗A Method for counting in a sequence, reset by a binary event in R

    A method for creating a variable that sequential counts until an binary event occurs in another vairiable.

  2. 🔗How to download and work with LSAT data - a better approach

    My last post was about working with the r getlandsat package to work with landsat data from NASA and the USGS. This post will be a brief refinement on that process.

  3. 🔗Working With Landsat8 Data from the USGS

    We are trying to monitor drought in sage-grouse habitat. Because we don't have historic on the ground data collection, I thought that it would be good to try and do this with landsat data. Landsat data is collected by the USGS and NASA about once ever 16 days.

  4. 🔗Cultural Model R Scripts

    The following are scripts that I used to make a cultural prediction model. It uses topographic, hydrologic and biological GIS information to predict areas where arc sites likely occur on the landscape.

  5. 🔗Landsat First Try