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  1. 🔗Predicting if the Dolores River Will Have a Raftable Release V2

    Will there be a raftable release below McPhee Dam this year? I hope so. In this post I'll use the {tidymodels} R package to predict the number of raftable release days with Xgboost. This post is an update to an earlier post. I take a slightly different approach to build this model and I think the model is more accurate than the last model I built.

  2. 🔗2022 in Review...Here we come 2023

    Warning: This is probably way too long. Sorry.

  3. 🔗A New Schmidtynotes

    About a year ago I redesigned this site. I mostly liked my old site, but I wanted to move away from Jekyll. I didn't dislike Jekyll, but programming brings many technologies to learn. I've been heading down the javascript path for a while now learning express.js and p5. I wanted to complete my transformation with the move to Eleventy (or 11ty). This post covers problems I had moving from Jekyll to Eleventy, how I solved them, and introduces some features of the new site.

  4. 🔗Some Things I've Designed

    Over the last few years, I've designed a few things that I'd like to share. Some for clients, some for fun, and some to bring recycling to my community. I don't do a ton of designing, so when I do design something I like I feel like sharing.

  5. 🔗Download all Ecological Site Descriptions for a MLRA from EDIT

    I recently needed to download Ecological Site Descriptions (ESD) for a large part of the area I work in. The NRCS, Jornada Experimental Range and New Mexico State University have a handy website, EDIT that they provide all ESDs by Major Land Resource Areas (MLRA), wrapped in a nice user interface. In the past I've just used the site to view and download the ESDs as I needed them. But today I noticed that the EDIT website added a Developer Resources section page. It even has examples in R. I figured it was time to get to know the EDIT API.

  6. 🔗p5.js: A Perlin Noise Flow Field with Colors and an End

    A colorful vector flow field from the edges. Got the idea and a lot of the how to from Roni Kaufman.