1. 🔗R - Fatal Error: Unable to open the base package

    On my Windows work computer I was having a weird problem where R would break after I restarted my computer. The basics of the problem were: I installed a new version of R, version 4.2.2 to be exact, R would work until I would restart my computer. After that when I started R it would crash I would get an error Fatal Error: Unable to open base package. For weeks I googled around and most of what I could find had to do Rstudio not finding the right version of R. Based on what I found I deleted all of my .Rprofile and .Renviron files that I could find. I deleted all the old versions of R on my machine. Nothing worked. I reinstalled R version 4.2.2 like 5 times. Still the same problem. I even installed R on an external hard drive because I thought that my work proxy was doing something weird.

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