#Machine Learning

  1. 🔗Prediction if the Dolores River Will Run V2

    Will there be a raftable release below McPhee Dam this year? I hope so. In this post I'll use {tidymodels} R package to predict the number of raftable release days Xgboost gradient boosted trees. This post is an update to an earlier post. I take a slightly different approach to build this model and I think the model is more accurate than the last model I built.

  2. 🔗Will There be a Raftable Release out of McPhee Reservoir

    I live next to the Dolores River. It’s an often overlooked gem of the southwest. It runs from just outside Rico, Colorado at its headwaters to the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. Rafting it is an experience.

  3. 🔗Random Forest Resources and Notes

    Resources to understand and run random forests in r.

  4. 🔗Data Science Resources

    A collection of resources on data science and machine learning primarily in R.

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