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  1. 🔗p5 Art - Animated Circle Packing

    As with my first post, here we are attempting to implement circle packing. This time I wanted to animate circle growth and then stop circle growth before the circles overlapped. I unabashedly stole most of this from Daniel Shiffman, but I wanted to use classes instead of just a circle object as he does in his example.

  2. 🔗p5 Art - First Tries

    Over the holiday break I worked on three things: eating, sleeping, and coding. For the coding part I accomplished two things. I this website to eleventy js and redesigned it (lightly!) and started playing around with p5js again. This post the first of a few about making art and getting better at javascript with p5js and the Coding train. I'll write up a post about porting over the eleventy....maybe.

  3. 🔗Helpful Rmarkdown Tips

    I've been using Rmarkdown to write reports at work. Whenever I start a project I end up having to look stuff up that I've looked up a million times before. The setup ends up taking so much time and brain power that I end up spending half a day on it. So I figured I'd write it up so I don't have to google my face off to get up and running.

  4. 🔗How to pass a column name as a function parameter to a dplyr function in R.

    If you need to pass a column name as a function parameter to a dplyr function/verb such as filter() or mutate() do this:

  5. 🔗Gunnison sage-grouse Habitat Comparison

    Similar to my post last week, we are again looking at another AIM data visualization. The last visualization was created from the raw AIM data, pulled from ArcGIS online. This visualization looks at cover over three populations of Gunnison sage-grouse in Colorado, the San Miguel population, the Gunnison population and the ....

  6. 🔗Some AIM Data Visualizations from Work

    I don't put a lot of what I do at work here. I try to keep work at work and a lot of what I post here is for fun. Lately though, I've been producing some visualizations from Assessment Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) data that I think are worth sharing.