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  1. 🔗Using Rmarkdown with Eleventy

    I write a lot of R in my life. I’m also a web developer that does most of my writing on this blog in markdown. Up until now these two worlds have been separate. I know and use Rmarkdown at work to write reports but, it always has seemed like a pain to get Rmarkdown to work on this site which is generated using 11ty (Eleventy). Up until now, to get my R work on this site, I have been writing R in another document and manually copying over code and outputs to markdown files. Given how inefficient that process is, I figured it was time to figure out how to write Rmarkdown and render it more seamlessly with this site.

  2. 🔗Predicting if the Dolores River Will Have a Raftable Release V2 - Summary

    This post includes just the running prediction of if the Dolores River will have a raftable release below McPhee Dam this winter. This is a post with just the results from a much longer post I put up a few days ago. This prediction is an update to the model I made in the previous post. The only thing I updated is I didn't know that you could run XGboost regression as count/Poisson, which looks to be much more accurate (which makes sense).

  3. 🔗R - Fatal Error: Unable to open the base package

    On my Windows work computer I was having a weird problem where R would break after I restarted my computer. The basics of the problem were: I installed a new version of R, version 4.2.2 to be exact, R would work until I would restart my computer. After that when I started R it would crash I would get an error Fatal Error: Unable to open base package. For weeks I googled around and most of what I could find had to do Rstudio not finding the right version of R. Based on what I found I deleted all of my .Rprofile and .Renviron files that I could find. I deleted all the old versions of R on my machine. Nothing worked. I reinstalled R version 4.2.2 like 5 times. Still the same problem. I even installed R on an external hard drive because I thought that my work proxy was doing something weird.

  4. 🔗A few helpers for working with the {targets} package in R.

    I started to use the {targets} package for some of my larger projects. It was a little challenging for me to wrap my head around but after working through some initial problems I think it will help me stay organized and write code in a more composable way. Below are a few notes that I needed to keep coming back to when I was getting started. If you need a comprehensive {targets} getting started I suggest the targets book linked above or in the References section below.

  5. 🔗Predicting if the Dolores River Will Have a Raftable Release V2

    Will there be a raftable release below McPhee Dam this year? I hope so. In this post I'll use the {tidymodels} R package to predict the number of raftable release days with Xgboost. This post is an update to an earlier post. I take a slightly different approach to build this model and I think the model is more accurate than the last model I built.

  6. 🔗2022 in Review...Here we come 2023

    Warning: This is probably way too long. Sorry.