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  1. 🔗Statistics in R: Resources for Understanding Statistics in R

    This is a collections of resources that have helped me learn and understand statistics in R.

  2. 🔗Kernel Density Estimation in R

    For a recent project I needed to run a kernel density estimation in R, turning GPS points into a raster of point densities. Below is how I accomplished that.

  3. 🔗Helpful Wordpress Snippets

    Some helpful Wordpress snippets that I am always looking up.

  4. 🔗Cumulative Distribution Function

    Cumulative distribution functions allow you to answer the questions, what percent of my sample is less than or greater than a value. For example I work with sage-brush cover frequently. With a cumulative distribution function I can answer the question, what proportion of my plots with sagebrush have greater than 90% cover.

  5. 🔗Subset Raster Extent w/ R

    A little snippet that helps subset raster extents.

  6. 🔗Remote Sensing Tools

    A collection of tools and documentation on remote sensing.