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  1. 🔗Raster Distance Calculations


    There are many cases when I have needed to calculate a distance from a point or many points to a feature in GIS. Until recently I have always used the near tool. This works really well for small datasets but can take forever with larger datasets. The near calculation also only works with points (I'm sure that there is a raster equivalent I just haven't done the research on it). I also really like to document where I got my data. You can do that in ArcGIS but it is an added step to do it.

  2. 🔗Web Dev Resources

    A collection of resources that I couldn't work without

  3. 🔗Django Getting Started

    My notes on learning Django. I'm using this Django Tutorial.

  4. 🔗Classifying High Resolution Aerial Imagery - Part 2

    I have been attempting to use random forests to classify high resolution aerial imagery. Part one of this post series was my first attempt. The aerial imagery dataset that I am working on is made up of many ortho tiles that I need to classify into vegetation categories. The first attempt was to classify vegetation on one tile. This note documents classifying vegetation across tiles.

  5. 🔗Colorado Avalanches By The Numbers in R

    A look at avalanches in Colorado. Please not I'm not an avalanche expert, so please take these interpretations with a healthy dose of skepticism.

  6. 🔗Data Science Resources

    A collection of resources on data science and machine learning primarily in R.